Terms, conditions and pricing:

Pricing: This varies according to the extent and technical/logistical demands of the assignment. The following price list is a basic set of rates which can be adjusted according to your needs. A basic package can be increased or decreased, with an appropriate adjustment in pricing.

Charity/Pro-bono work: I am a strong believer in using my imagery for philanthropic purposes. If you run a charity organisation or NGO, I am willing to take on assignments on a voluntary basis or for a symbolic sum which will depend on the conditions and demands of the assignment (scale, time, labour intensity etc.). Please contact me for more information.

Portraits: Duration: 1-3 hours photo session; basic package – 10 retouched images: CZK 5,000.00. Further processed images will be charged at a rate of CZK 300.00 per image.

Children: Basic formal portrait package – Duration 1-2 hours photo session; 10 retouched images: CZK 5,000.00. Further post-processed images are charged at a rate of CZK 300.00 per image. Birthdays, candid images – 20 post-processed images + 30 non-post-processed images CZK 7,000.00

Events: 1- 4 hours photo session; Basic package – 20 post-processed images + 30 non-post-processed images: CZK 7,000.00

Macro: Images are available as prints. The price per image depends on the size of the print, generally between CZK 3,000.00 – CZK 5,000.00 If you would like to use an image from my archives for printing purposes, please contact me. I have thousands of stock images.


By ordering an assignment the client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1) Orders for assignments are considered binding after a written order is sent, a date agreed and after a payment of a CZK 2000.00 deposit, which is returnable if the assignment is cancelled by 48 hours before the scheduled assignment at the latest.

2) After the shoot the client will receive within 48 hours, but usually sooner, a zip file of the images (watermarked), from which the client can choose which images to have post-processed/retouched. This can also be done on a face-to-face basis if help in choosing which images are best is required. The client will then receive the final images in JPEG or TIF in a zip folder via The images received for viewing are for selection purposes only and may not be provided to a third party or further adjusted in any way.

3) Portrait assignments do not include make-up artist services. One can be provided, but this is not included in the cost of the assignment and is subject to the make-up artist’s fee, which will cost extra.

4) Post processing includes adjustment of colour balance, sharpness, tonality and basic retouching. Retouching includes masking of small skin blemishes such as pimples or small bruises, small wrinkles and, to the best possible extent, shadows under eyes. Please bear in mind that there is only so much retouching that can be done before an image starts to look artificial/unnatural. Too much retouching is highly unadvisable, especially in the case of men. In the case of children, it is advisable to have “tattoos” (drawn on skin/water transfer) removed well before the shoot, unless the parents specifically want them in the pictures.

5) The photographer does not provide RAW files of any images.

6) The photographer reserves the right to use images for his portfolio. Permission from the client will be requested in written form.

7) The photographer undertakes to process the assignment to the best of his ability and knowledge.

8) If the client wishes to cancel the photo session for serious reasons, the photographer has to be notified in writing within 48 hours prior to the photo session by the latest (see point 1 above), and the client will be offered the nearest possible substitute date. Further, the photographer reserves the right to leave the location if the client does not arrive, and this is considered a late cancellation subject to the cancellation policy in Point 1 above. Likewise, if there are serious reasons precluding the photographer from carrying the session, he will inform the client without delay and offer the nearest substitute date.

9) By ordering an assignment and placing the deposit, the client has familiarised himself/herself with the photographer‘s style and agrees to it.

10) Dissatisfaction with one’s look does not constitute grounds for a refund.

11) The client will be invoiced within 24 hours after the assignment / photo session. The final images will be sent after the balance is paid. The photographer reserves the right to withhold the final images until after the invoice is fully paid.